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A sad soul – un’amica mi scrive -

29 Dicembre 2004

For Cristiano and his friends,
in apply of his e-mail about “the last happenings”
December 29th 2004

Catastrophe Brought by the Sea


I’m sad too!!! Yesterday evening, after watching such sad news, I rolled in
the bed for about one hour, without being able to sleep. Giant waves and
people crying invaded my dreams, so that I could experience at least 1/10 of
the nightmare they have been living for the past days. I felt extremely
moved with all those scenes in black and white, and a tear felt over my

Even with all the poverty in the countries reached by THE BIG WAVE OF
TERROR, these are my favorite places on Earth. Tropical Paradise, my past
FIVE vacations in Thailand were incredible and I was planning to go there
again. Not to say India. Sri Lanka . Indonesia. All my sweet babies, not
only and simply as travel destinations. You know what I mean??? I was always
moved by the colors and warmth of these countries. People. places. culture.
smells. tastes. feelings.

Obviously I would feel as sorry as I feel now for any other kind of
catastrophe in any other place on Earth, but understand me. I have lived
part of my life and the best moments of it in, especially, Thailand. Not to
say the adorable dozens of Indians I know who probably lost somebody for THE

Yes! People. places. smells. tastes. feelings. dreams.

Now, part of that is destroyed, my whole self is sad, and I can’t even
compare my sadness with that of those people who actually lived the

The nightmare of being in a paradise like Phi Phi Island, for example.
The nightmare of being sleeping besides your husband in bed,
and being awaked by the roof top falling down and the water invading your
The nightmare of being working in the farm
collecting tropical and exotic fruits for next day,
and never having the chance to give it a simple bite.
The nightmare of being praying to another God in silence,
and being interrupted by Poseidon’s furiousness
and his waters extremely irritated,
that devastate hundreds of altars and entire cities.
The nightmare of having your baby in your arms
and watching it going away from you,
without being able to fight against the nature.

These happenings are definitely a war between the Nature and the Human
A war we lose. a war we lost. and a war I’m afraid we will always lose,
because the nature has incontrollable powers.
The same way nature is incontrollable beautiful.
And we? We are beautiful too, simply because we are also part of Nature,
but compared to Mother Nature, we are so small and fragile.

All our dreams can suddenly disappear with “a” simple wave.
God! How can it be possible?

Dreams were lost in each of those bodies dragged by the water.
Therefore, the past, the present and the future of thousands of people
also got lost in “one single” wave full of so much terror .

What kind of war is that?
A war with a giant wave full of present and future consequences!
We lost in less than a week thousands of dreams, all with “a” wave.

despite of the fact my Italian is not that fluent, my angels this time
helped me to understand every single word and feeling you put down in your
and I’m here just to say that:


A Sad Soul.

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  1. Birba
    29 Dicembre 2004 a 13:26 | #1

    posso solo condividere la tristezza e il dispiacere con la tua amica, per le povere personone morte e per i vivi che devono sopravvivere con il peso delle loro cose e dei loro cari scomparsi

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