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Il mio blog – My 9/11

15 Settembre 2004

Ciao a tutti,
una breve nota per dirvi che finalmente mi sono deciso: anche io ho il mio blog!
Non troverete articoli diversi da quelli che vi ho gia’ scritto, a parte uno il cui autore non sono io.
Fatevi magari un giro.
A presto.

My 9/11

As you already know I am now in Seoul, capital city of South Korea.

I?m very proud because the Italian community here in Korea, that counts about 180 Italians, has got now one more member. Seoul counts a population of 17 Million people about, but less than 100 Italians: I think that also in Kathmandu there are more Italians living there.
After all, what are you going to do here if you are not an embassy employee, a chef or a salesman like me?
I am pretty sure to have not found yet a city like this one, so inhospitable with foreigner nationals; luckily a couple of years ago there was World Cup here and we have the chance now to read English information in the subway; elsewhere it is not possible to reach any kind of information. Nobody can help you or wants to help you. I think that Korean had seen whites only on TV, cause on the street you almost never meet any foreigner.
I don?t want to mention the bad attitude of Seoul citizen, I was too bad and it?s still too early for judging these people.

Not easy to begin describing this place among fake tits, pea juice and dried seaweed.
One thing helps me: the kimchi, typical product with ginseng of this Country located under the 38th parallel.
We must try everything in our lives, but not too much. Believe me. For more info about this tasty dish, click on this link:


I don?t want to influence your judgment, that?s why I suggest you to have a look to this website in order to make an idea about these Koreans. I can say that Kimchi is for Koreans like pizza is for Italians; everybody in the world joke with Italians about pizza, spaghetti, mandolino, mafia? what should we do with them? We will see.

Anyway, here in Korea there is not only Kimchi.
How can I forget the seaweed soup, the jellyfish salad, the Korean BBQ? The Korean cuisine is not famous for its fantasy and quality. With the exception of BBQ fish, quite good and cheap, and Korean BBQ, grilled meat with different kind of vegetables, and garlic based sauces aside. Sometimes they are so spicy that you can?t even taste the meat.
Another famous dish is the soup: many different kind of soups, mostly with vegetables; I cannot describe them because I never eat soup at home and I don?t like to try them also here.
If you have black money and u want to do some money laundry, you can always open a Korean restaurant everywhere you want; less than one week and you will close. For sure.
At the end I can say that Korean usually take all meals sitting down the floor and eat using metal chopsticks, much more hard to manage than chinese ones, but i’m learning step by step.

I want to point my post now on some Korean daily habits. I just want to let you know that all descriptions here are my opinions and personal points f view.

Boys and girls
You can see thousand people on the road, mostly young people, like elsewhere in Asia, a continent surely younger than Europe.
Most of them has a lost look, maybe because they all the time use mobiles and MP3 players. Maybe their brains are burned out, but the look is very cool: black shoes, brown trousers, grey shirt. Younger people use sport hat, backpack, in case they are students, or dark color jackets, in case of workers. I don?t understand why in the shops you can find the same clothes there are in Europe.
Most of the girls here have fake boobs, but not boobs. In 350 mts between my hotel and subway station there are about 4 surgery clinics. Anyway, 17 million of inhabitants…
You must be perfect all the time here in Seoul, either in working life or in family.
You get married soon, you get pregnant still young, you break up after few years of marriage.
By the way, girls look very pretty, I?m getting crazy for their eyes.
Their favorite look: sport shoes, miniskirt, long socks, pink shirt. Cute schoolgirls.
They also live with mobile always on and very hi tech cool MP3 players.
Their asian eyes are very cute; they are the only ones who look at me when I am in a crowded place like the subway.
They are the worst human race on the whole world. Riches, with funeral colored cars, often drunk in the night, attract by the night clubs, liars. New generations are changing. I hope so.
Hard to meet them. Only few old one who sells food or some kind of vegetable or fruit on the streets.

The city
Seoul is a huge city, it?s a clean, efficient megalopolis; there is a big subway where you can go to toilet and feel like being in a 4 stars hotel.
Seoul is divided in two parts by a river; there are more than 20 bridges and the traffic jam is so bad that you can stay in the car few hours for driving few kilometers.
Buildings, skyscrapers with giant hi tech screens on the top. It?s interesting to notice that city is not flat, but full of hills and small mountains.
While I am in the taxi in the night I am watching through the window and I feel like I am living inside the movie ?lost in translation?: the world outside is so different than any other place I used to visit before.
Everything is huge. Stadium, parks, shopping malls, multiplex, hotels. Everything is big, but not the people who seem to get lost. That?s why there are so many small bars, night clubs, coffee shop, internet points, restaurants: the human dimension seems to be lost somewhere and for this reason they are trying to get it back somehow.
Something more? Small habits.
They usually burp at the end of the meal.
They do a disgusting sound while they are eating noodles or any kind of soup.
They spit in the bin.
They don?t waste the cigarette stub and keeping it on a bottle with water while driving the car.
They bow when they meet someone.
The business cards exchange.
They work 6 days a week with almost no holidays during the whole year.
They laugh with the hand that covers the mouth.
They talk to the phone with the hand that covers the mouth.
On the bus they stand up and leave the seat to elder people or moms with kids.
Standing following the cue signs while waiting the subway.
Standing on the right on escalators.
Walking down the stairs where indicated. Same for walking up.
Crossing the street waiting the countdown of the traffic light. Nobody attempt to cross the street when light is red. It?s also very dangerous and almost impossible.
Girls and boys selling mobiles on the street.
Girls and boys dancing and singing in front of the bars.
Here nobody really sleep.

My 11th of September is finished 30 minutes ago.
This morning I bought the ticket for Thailand.
Today I had Korean sauna.
I had Italian dinner.
I wrote this post.
My 9/11/2004.


Two notes on India (ref. CNN Special)
55% of the Indian population is less than 25 yo (555 million people)
3 millions people are working for IT industry.
Few hundred thousands graduated in India each year. 7% of them get a job.
A model to follow for Indian youth: Bill Gates. Why? Because he made a lot of money.
The model to be followed by their parents: religion and its gods; Why? Because you will never have to lose your tradition and culture.
Indian ambition: India is a powerful Country; we will rule the world soon.
140 million inhabitants are middle class people.
3 millions are billionaire.
And everybody else? No answer. By the way, India and its all contradictions are not going to change so fast.

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  1. giorgi
    15 Settembre 2004 a 19:39 | #1

    vabbè faremo un giro.. ciao http://www.thejobook.com

  2. ste’
    23 Settembre 2004 a 1:11 | #2

    ciao bello!
    allora e’ vero, hai davvero un blog! ma quanto sei avanti???
    allora, come stai? dove sei adesso?
    ciao budala!!

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